Its time to say goodbye . . . .


The time has come for us to say goodbye to the famous "s-e-n-d n-u-d-e-s" fiesta - this was our very first development car and was taken all the way to a track spec and forged stage 4 build


She has gone off to her new home and will be looked after and used way more the she was being used at LOGIC MOTORSPORT


As you know we do specialise in the development of the fiesta ST180 and have even more super exciting news to follow very very soon as we take our position in the market AND WILL BE PROVIDING SOMETHING THAT NO OTHER FORD TUNER CAN PROVIDE - SO STAY TUNED !!


We are still smashing out the LOMA TUNING STARTER PACK as its by far the best performing pack on the market - see info below


We have a lot of enthusiasts coming to us asking what we recommend they do to their cars in the early stages of the journey - be it more sound, more performance, better handling . . .


We of course recommend a little bit of everything and we have just the kit for you early starters which includes


- LOMA Tuning Induction kit

- LOGIC Torque / Engine mount

- LOGIC Short Shifter

- LOMA Tuning Stage 1+ or Stage 2 software

- Boost test 


The complete kit gives you a lovely sound from the induction kit, a more stable engine under load, shorter gear throw for faster gear changes - and some additional power from the LOMA Tuning software - all dyno delivered and fitted in house - AWESOME!! 🔥


Needless to say the these customers are delighted with the results and feel like they have a brand new car!


The full kit is including all software, hardware and fitting is just £699.00 and can be paid over 4 or 6 easy monthly payments! 🤩


LOGIC - Performance for smart people . . .


Logic is the go to place of you want to look better - and go faster !!



Simply PM our team the required information below to receive a free price/power quotation now!


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