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The MK7.5 Golf R is our exciting new project - we have plenty of experience in the building, tuning, customising and modification of these amazing cars

Here you can see the car in the flesh and a little bit of dyno action as we go from stock to LOMA Tuning Stage 1+


The car is soon to be going full stage 2 with a lot more hardware upgrades too - we will be putting the car through its paces and ultimately showing and proving with our own car - what we can do for yours . . .


Logic Motorsport & LOMA Tuning are already putting out some of the strongest tunes for booth ECU & TCU so what better way to fully demonstrate our products and services than doing it for ourselves - exciting times ahead we say


Be sure to stay tuned for the action - LOMA Tuned!!!


We stock, supply & fit all of your favourite hardware as well as custom tuning your car with our industry recognised LOMA Tuning packages


LOMA STG1 will see you around 370bhp dyno proven

LOMA STG2 will see you around 420bhp dyno proven

LOMA STG3 is tailored more to the specific client / budget / car


We also offer everything from brakes & suspension to body styling kits and trims.


Logic is the go to place of you want to look better - and go faster !!

SHOP HERE:https://logicmotorsport.com


Simply PM our team the required information below to receive a free price/power quotation now!



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