With experience comes development . . .


With development comes results . . .


We are delighted to announce our return to the Fiesta ST180 / ST200 platform in full effect and with some absolutely amazing things we have coming up 🤩


Since the move of Logic Motorsport in September 2021 from our 2 ramp 1,200 sqft garage into our 5 ramp 10,000 sqft mega studio - we have been working hard behind the scenes to perfect some of the things that may have caused us us to have some testing times in the past on this platform


We are a young business and have found looking back at things we could have done differently and utilising these experiences to gain knowledge in order to up our game and deliver to you what you want, an invaluable addition to our processes


This is a positive move and has helped us massively in creating our ideal setup


Our attention to detail has been carefully reviewed along with the development of some extremely well performing hardware - to suit both the premium and budget ends of the market


We have redeveloped a lot of our tuning and software solutions and with release of the SAVAGE brand has come some of the best results we have yet to witness on this platform due to the input from team members from Logic and SVG Performance


We also have not 1 - but 2 turbos coming to the market - our hybrid SVG320 is readily available now and the big unit turbo the SVG400 is inbound and is set to land for software development in the next week or 2


We will also continue to offer the VT330R hybrid and the S280 turbo - as the development we have in terms of software is basically too good to stop putting out


We are looking for demo cars so if anyone would like to be first to experience this new wave of power from the SVG range - contact us for a ridiculously good 2 way deal on turning your car into a SAVAGE FIESTA !


Our customer service team has been strengthened with the addition of dedicated online / telephone / front of house staffing as well as our new all inclusive webshop and info site for you to enjoy too


Our media content and “behind the scenes” exposure is second to none as we have absolutely no problem in taking you guys on virtual tours of our offices / facilities and workshop studio - much of which can be seen on our YouTube channel if you click here https://youtube.com/c/LMTVchannel


Last but by no means least we have a dedicated Fiesta ST technician joining our team with over 8 years experience in building some of the UK’s best performing street / road cars and one of the UK’s best performing track cars


Logic Motorsport is a brand that is committed fully to delivering customer experience above all else and we feel it’s time to close the door on what has been a testing time in this arena and open the door to the future of this brand and what we stand for


We have taken criticism for the best part if 18 months now - some warranted, some unnecessary - we have taken it all on board and all in our stride


The proof of what we have to offer is in our results so if you want to go from an average Fiesta - to a SAVAGE FIESTA - contact us to discuss your options


Our Savage software is absolutely top notch for stage 1,2 & 3 with many in house supporting modifications readily available on a “package deal” basis - we absolutely guarantee the with us you will get more per pound spent than anywhere else


This means FREE SHIPPING on online orders


This means FREE FITTING on hardware bought with software


This means - you just get more for your money !


All cars undergo a through inspection before they see the dyno so we know your car is ready and capable of what we will be asking from it


- deep diagnostic scan

- compression test

- smoke test / boost test

- cylinder / piston examination


Are all part of our basic tuning service !!


Our state of the art and brand-new facilities give us the opportunity to deliver our work with the latest technology to hand and the resources to do the work to the highest possible standards.











The website is still being populated so if you look and cant find what you want - click this link and shoot us a message and we will sort in manually - https://logicmotorsport.com/pages/con...


FOR SVAGE SOFTWARE & TUNING ENQUIRIES Simply PM our team the required information below to receive a free price/power quotation now!



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