pink panther fiesta st180

Chloe Blaxill came into us after watching what we do here at LOGIC for some time - she has had her stunning frozen white Fiesta St180 wrapped in a super loud pink and now it catches eyes wherever it goes . . .

Now Chloe is ready to take the car from a looker to a performer - she made the smart persons choice - and came to LOGIC

She is new to the modified car world so taking sensible steps is essential and what better way to start than our LOMA Tuning STAGE1+ Starter Pack

We have a lot of enthusiasts coming to us asking what we recommend they do to their cars in the early stages of the journey - be it more sound, more performance, better handling . . .

We of course recommend a little bit of everything and we have just the kit for you early starters which includes

- LOMA Tuning Induction kit

- LOGIC Torque / Engine mount

- LOGIC Short Shifter

- LOMA Tuning Stage 1+ software

- Boost test

The complete kit gives you a lovely sound from the induction kit, a more stable engine under load, shorter gear throw for faster gear changes - and some additional power from the LOMA Tuning software - all dyno delivered and fitted in house - AWESOME!!

Needless to say the Chloe is delighted with the results and feels like she has a brand new car

I think judging by my outfit the sun had gotten to my head and looking the part on camera fully went out of the window so here's my disclaimer **chicken legs on show alert**

The full kit is including all software, hardware and fitting is just £699.00 and can be paid over 4 or 6 easy monthly payments

LOGIC - Performance for smart people . . .

Logic is the go to place of you want to look better - and go faster !!



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